Sarah Wright
Drama Teacher, Director



Sarah Smeltzer-Wright
Drama Teacher, Director


MFA - Savannah College of Arts and Design


Spring One Acts

The One-Act Festival is May 5-7, 2022 at 7:00 pm in the Choir Room. Get ready for a black box theatre event made up of 6 one-act plays directed by 9 students ranging from freshmen-senior! It’s a night you won’t forget!

*There is no admission cost for the festival.  Proceeds from donations will be used to repair the lighting system.

One Acts that will be featured :

  • Over the Phone: A Series of Misunderstandings by Nora Ley, directed by Allison Newkirk and Nora Ley
  • Sheltered by Nathan Ismert, directed by Nathan Ismert
  • Love and War by Emma Mestemacher, directed by Salvador Valldeperas and Emma Mestemacher
  • Ghosts by Isaac Dupont, directed by Isaac Dupont
  • Visitor from Forest Hills by Neil Simon, directed by Elizabeth McCann
  • Broken by Robert Scott, directed by Kendall McCourt & Carlie Cure

Looking forward to seeing you there!

    fall musical – singin’ in the rain

    Our 2022 fall musical is Singin’ in the Rain! We are so excited to get started! Dance auditions are on May 11 from 6-7. Singing/Acting auditions are on May 12. Sign up for an audition time and find all the information about being a part of the show and the audition process in the link provided.

      Winter Play

      More Information to come!

        Drama classes

          DRAMA I

          Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

          Drama I introduces the student to various aspects of the theatre with the primary focus on acting. Improvisation, pantomime, scene study and theatre terminology and theatre history are integral parts of the program. Students will be encouraged to explore their own creative potential in a supportive, yet challenging learning environment.

            DRAMA II

            Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

            Drama II is an advanced course designed for students who wish to continue their study of acting. Character development, scene study, audition technique, and directing will be integral elements of the course.

              Repertory Theatre

              Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

              This class is for the serious theatre student interested in getting time on the stage. The class will collaborate on writing or finding a suitable show for the students in the class, audition for their role in the show and rehearse the play in class. Audition and advanced acting techniques will be taught and utilized. **This course will be offered every other year. The next offering is 2022-2023.

                General music theory & musical history CLASSES

                  intro to music

                  Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

                  Intro to Music is an introductory class that provides students with a chance to learn the basics of music through performance. Students will learn how to read music as well as develop the basic skills required to perform on a variety of instruments. Aspects of music theory and history will also be covered through applied learning projects. No previous musical experience is necessary. On completion of the class, students may progress and continue their studies in either vocal or instrumental music ensembles for the following year.

                    MUSIC TECHNOLOGY

                    Grades: 11, 12

                    This class is focused on the creation of music and media using technology. Arranging and editing musical projects and evaluating the merit of musical content are also covered. Students will learn computer-based techniques for creating, recording, and producing projects on GarageBand, Sibelius, Finale, Photoshop, and iMovie. Class members will also be taught about the history of music in film and how to create multi-media presentations. This class fulfills a Fine/Performing Arts or Technology credit requirement.

                    MUSIC THEORY & HISTORY

                    Grades: 10, 11, 12

                    Music Theory and History is a non-performance course open to those students with an interest in learning the basic rudiments, structures, and elements of music. The history curriculum covers both musical and historical developments from the early Catholic Church through to present day. Topics covered include Gregorian Chant, Music at Notre Dame, the Baroque and Classical eras, the Nineteenth Century (Nationalistic Music, Tchaikovsky’s Ballet music, and traditions in German and Italian Opera), Jazz and Blues, Serialism and American Musical Theatre.


                    Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

                    Students learn the purpose of theatre, how to read a script, and the basics of 4 design elements of theatre: set design, sound design, lighting design, and costume design. They will learn tool safety and usage, painting techniques, and construction techniques, as well as how to draft and read draftings of designs. Painting and set construction/installation of sets will be part of class time and a small number of hours will be required outside of class time. This course can be taken multiple times. This class size is limited to 15.