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Parents, please state the student’s name, grade, and the reason for calling when leaving your message. Must call by 9 am to report a student absent for the day.

(913) 254-4298



Please leave attendance information (late arrival or early release) on the voicemail of the attendance line. The information left on the line is picked up every few minutes for processing.

Messages left in the school’s general voice-mailbox cannot be processed for attendance; please call attendance message line directly at 254-4298. Please do not text or call your student directly to tell them about an appointment. We must receive this information from the parent or guardian in order to release the student. Reminder: Students are fined if using their cell phone.

In the event your student will not be in attendance for ANY reason during any part of the school day, call the attendance line at 913-254-4298 and leave the following information:

  • Student’s name
  • Time of expected arrival or release (not time of pickup)
  • Your relation to student
  • The reason the student is late/leaving

It is extremely helpful if you call the attendance line prior to 9:00 a.m. Please note, due to the volume of calls, you will always leave a message, and not receive a verification call that your message call was received.

Late Arrival process:

Parent/guardian leaves late arrival information (see above) on the attendance message line. When the student does arrive to school, they report directly to the attendance office to receive a pass to class. No admittance to class without the pass.

Checkout process:

Parent/guardian leaves check out information (see above) on the attendance message line. The attendance office delivers a pass to the student, who will check out by taking the pass to the attendance office at time noted on pass. Once the student returns to school, the student will report to the attendance office to check in and will receive a pass to return to class. If they have a doctor’s appointment, a note from the doctor is required when they return.