Facility Upgrade

Facility Upgrade

I wanted to send you an update on our facility upgrade. We have been blessed to have many members of our community support the 2018 Auction fund-a-need. The facility upgrade has been approved by both the city of Lenexa and the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.  We are in the process of getting contracts submitted and signed by the sub-contractors who will build our facility. Machines will be on the campus over the next seven to ten days beginning the construction process.

We currently have $1.25 million dollars towards our goal of $3.0 million committed to the field project which is fantastic after such a short period of time. We still need your help. As you see below, we have a financial gap to fill to assure the facility is fully constructed. An additional 475 K will get us a turf and asphalt track on our campus.  

Facility Upgrade Phases

  • $1.25m – Collected, Pledged
  • $1.7m – Field, Asphalt
  • $1.85m – Track Surface
  • $2.2m – Lights
  • $3.0m – Storage, Parking, Finishes 

My hope is that you would consider another gift in 2018 and/or a pledge for 2019 so that our students can enjoy the facility as early as this spring. Our team continues to search for local and national foundations that may support our efforts.