Senior Guidelines

  • Must follow all CSP general guidelines.
  • If you choose the same agency as freshman, sophomore or junior year, you are required to demonstrate that you have an increased roll or responsibility. A short response explaining this should be disclosed in the Pre-Approval entry in x2Vol.
  • The project must directly affect and serve people outside the SJA community, preferably people who are poor, lonely, have disabilities, and/or are disenfranchised. If your agency does not serve these groups of people, you must talk to your Theology teacher before approval.
  • Domestic and International SJA Mission Trips are applicable for CSP, although if a student has done that for Junior year, they must increase in their responsibilities. This must be worked out ahead of time with Emily Thompson and Campus Ministry.
  • You must have direct contact with the people who you are serving. Thrift stores, food pantries and other labor jobs that do not directly deal with the people in need are not allowed.
  • Regardless of the agency, seniors should show leadership in this year of service.
  • CSP is 10% of seniors’ second-semester theology grade.
  • If the hours, paper, and presentation are not completed, you will not be able to receive your transcript.
  • Students will not be excused during school hours to work on their CSP. Any CSP hours worked during school hours will not be counted toward their 30 hours.