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Important CSP Dates for 2018-19

Summer Approval Dates: May 30 – August 08, 2019
Pre-Approval Entry is Due: Sep. 25th, 2019 (B-Day)
30 Completed Hours Due Due: April 1st, 2020 (logged into x2Vol and approved by coordinating supervisor)
Senior CSP Presentations: Thursday, April 9th, 2020
Detention for student who do not complete their hours on time: April 15th before or after school 

General Requirements

  • Minimum of 30 service hours at one social service organization each year.
  • Unless otherwise approved, complete service with four different service organizations over the course of four years. The service needs to be aimed at helping those who are in most need of help.
  • A parent or close family member may not be the contact person for an agency.
  • Pre-Approval, Change of Agency and Hours will be logged and approved through the x2Vol website. This can be accessed through a student’s Naviance account.
  • CSP will be 10% of the second-semester theology grade.
  • Service will be approved by Theology teacher at the given due date of Pre-Approvals.
  • The approval form will be due the first semester as a homework grade.
  • If the approval form is not turned in by the due date, a zero will be entered into the grade book. If the approval form is still not turned in within 30 days, the student will face disciplinary consequences that include detentions, phone calls to parents and possibly being sent home.
  • Hours should be logged into x2Vol as they are completed. When logged, x2Vol will automatically send a confirmation email to the coordinating supervisor where they will confirm that the work has been done.
  • All hours are due by the Monday and Tuesday of Holy Week. Failure to complete hours will result in a zero in the grade book and a detention during academic time the following week. Failure to complete hours by the following week will result in a meeting with Dean of Students and Director of Faith Formation. Detentions, phone calls home and other disciplinary actions may be taken if steps are not made to complete hours.
  • At the end of the year students will give a CSP presentation. Freshmen-Juniors will be done in Theology class, Seniors will be done in front of a select panel on Holy Thursday.
  • Summer CSP:  Students may perform their CSP during the summer for the next school years’ credit. You will need to turn in a Pre-Approval notice to x2Vol and it will be confirmed by Mrs. O’Neil. If you wish to do a summer CSP you must be certain that it meets the requirements of your grade level or else hours may not be counted for CSP.
  • If a change of agency is required, you must fill out a new Pre-Approval entry on x2Vol and the service from the previous agency will not count to you yearly 30 hours. This is why it is extremely important that you communicate with your agency at the time of Pre-Approval.
  • The March for Life in Washington D.C. will count for 20 hours and the remaining 10 hours need to be done with a Pro-Life agency. The 10 hours need to be Pre-Approved by the normal Pre-Approval date. You cannot be Pre-Approved for the March for Life only.
  • SJA Team camps do not count for CSP.
  • Students will not be excused during school hours to work on their CSP. Any CSP hours worked during school hours will not be counted toward their 30 hours.

CSP Resources

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Mrs. O’Neill at 913.254.4256 or email toneill@sjakeepingfaith.org.

Possible Agencies