Rejoice in hope, endure in affliction, persevere in prayer. – Romans 12:12

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Latest Message Sent to Families

Student Norms/Procedures for Online/Distance Learning

  1. At the start of each class time, students will get on their Google Classroom to see the lesson plan their teacher will post. This will include a link and time for them to log on to Zoom for attendance and direct instruction (if that is part of that day’s lesson).
  2. Whenever entering a Zoom meeting, students should mute their microphone immediately. Chat should not be used unless directed to do so by a teacher. Not all lessons will require students to be on Zoom the whole time; students should follow teacher directions posted on the lesson plan and given verbally during instruction regarding when and for how long they should remain on the video conference call.
  3. If students have connectivity issues or cannot get on Zoom for some reason at their scheduled time, they are to email their teacher as soon as possible to let them know what the issue is and then proceed to complete the posted lesson plan activities to the best of their ability, continuing to try to log on to Zoom as needed/possible.
  4. Students should wear their school uniform during all class times.
  5. We are asking that whenever possible, students learn from a common space in their home without their phone or any other screens turned on. We understand there will be limitations on this for families and ask it as a suggested best practice rather than a requirement.
  6. Students misusing Zoom, disrupting class, or disrespecting teachers and/or other students will be subject to disciplinary measures that could include consequences next school year, loss of points/credit for assignments or participation, loss of credit for the course, suspension from online learning, etc.
  7. Students can look on Google Classroom for a link to a Zoom meeting with their teachers during the designated “Thunder Block” times to get academic help/support. When not meeting with teachers via Zoom, the Thunder Block time is to be used to complete class assignments and activities. Students do not need to remain logged into Zoom during Thunder Block or lunchtimes.
  8. Late work and grading policies remain the same moving forward. To be successful, students will need to meet deadlines, and if issues arise it will be critical that they proactively communicate with their teachers to work through them.
  9. Students with a Teacher’s Aide (TA) or Peer Mentor (PM) class on their schedule can use those hours as study halls. They will receive credit for the class and do not need to log on anywhere for attendance those hours.

Look for an update tomorrow on our Catholic Resources tab on the COVID-19 Update Page for our upcoming and exciting Faith Formation opportunities.

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Day of Caring - April 7
St. James Academy Day of Caring

Community is the heartbeat of St. James Academy, and as someone who is a valued member of this community, you know how strong we are together. We want you to know: your St. James community is here for you, just as you are for others. Help us share the spirit of St. James Day of Caring on April 7th by sharing about someone or an experience at St. James that exemplifies what we mean when we talk about Community.

ways to get involved on april 7
  • Join us for an 8am Virtual Community Rosary
  • Fill out the online form to share your story
  • Share the graphics below and a message on social media #sjacares
  • Leave a review or comment on our Facebook
  • Help a community member in need with a gift to For Love’s Sake
We want to hear from you!

Tell us about someone or an experience at St. James that exemplifies what we mean when we talk about Community. Our stories, both big and small, move us in different ways. What’s your #SJACARES story? Share your story.

Download/Share Social Media Graphics:

Virtual Class Resources & Schedules

St. James Academy Backgrounds

View and download an assortment of SJA themed backgrounds for your online calls!

Class Schedules for Remainder of 2019-2020 School Year

We will alternate A-Day/B-Day through the end of the year.
As of now, Finals will take place on their originally scheduled dates.

A Days
1st Hour 8:30-9:20
2nd Hour 9:30-10:20
3rd Hour 10:30-11:20
4th Hour 11:30-12:20
Lunch 12:20-1:00
Thunder Block 1:00-3:00

B Days
5th Hour 8:30-9:20
House 9:30-9:50
6th Hour 10:00-10:50
7th Hour 11:00-11:50
Lunch 12:00-1:00
Thunder Block 1:00-2:00
Faculty/Department meetings 2:00-3:00

Schedules from now through Easter Break:
Wednesday, March 25th: A-Day
Thursday, March 26th: B-Day
Friday, March 27th: A-Day
Monday, March 30th: B-Day
Tuesday, March 31st: A-Day
Wednesday, April 1st: B-Day
Thursday, April 2nd: A-Day (no Junior Class Retreat)
Friday, April 3rd: B-Day (no Junior Class Retreat)
Monday, April 6th: A-Day
Tuesday, April 7th: B-Day
Wednesday, April 8th: A-Day (no Serve Day)
Thursday, April 9th: B-Day (no Senior CSP; no Thunder Block this afternoon)

Counseling Dept. Resources
Academic and Social/Emotion Supports

The Student Services Department will have office hours during B-day Thunder Block via Zoom or by appointment.  Parents and students are welcome to email student services staff if they have any academic or social/emotional concerns or questions.

Advanced Placement, ACT, College Admissions

Advanced Placement
College Admissions
Common App

Learning Tools

Chrome Extensions: The Chrome web browser allows users to install a wide variety of web extensions that provide tools that can help all learners, regardless of ability level: Text to Speech, Readability, Reading Comprehension, Focus, Navigation.

Community Resources

As we adjust to our new normal SJA will continue to share as many resources as possible.

Talking to your Student about Covid-19

Catholic Counselors

Catholic Charities – All food pantries are open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.  There are no income guidelines you will just need to show an ID.  Case management for other financial help is by appointment.  Call 913-433-2100 and they will direct you to the correct center.  They are not doing face to face appointments but are helping people over the phone.

No Kid Goes Hungry – Attached is a list of schools that are providing drive-thru grab and go breakfasts and lunches to any child ages 1-18. You do not need to live in the school district or attend that school. There is no paperwork or sign up – you simply drive through a below location. The students need to be present to receive a meal.