College Check-List

Junior College Checklist Spring/Summer

  • Test or test again – The final ACT of the academic year is in July. The first ACT in the fall is September. October is the last time to test and have it count towards Merit based scholarship opportunities. Make sure you are on track to be content with you score by October of your senior year!
  • Continue to research and visit college campuses throughout the spring and summer – The goal is to have a reasonable list of schools you plan to apply to when school starts in the fall. Add all colleges your interested in on Naviance Student.
  • Continue to compile a list of your activities and awards in Naviance student (using their résumé function).
  • Ready to apply to colleges? Before you start your applications:
    • Make sure the colleges have started accepting applications for the academic school year (this is typically around July).
    • Determine if you are applying directly to the school via their website or if you will be using Common Application. (Hint: Only use Common App if you have three or more schools that will accept the Common Application. It is time-consuming! Visit for a complete list of Common App schools.)
    • Once you are ready to apply choose the college in Naviance Student under “Colleges I’m Applying To”. You can use the website function within Naviance to get directly to the schools application website. Mark as “completed” once you are finished applying and request a transcript be sent.
  • If you wish to pursue athletics in college, make sure you complete the following:
    • Create a student account with NCAA Clearinghouse
    • Talk with your counselor to evaluate eligibility guidelines
  • Have discussions as a family as to what is feasible financially as it relates to college.
  • If schools you’re interested in require essays for admission and/or scholarships begin organizing your thoughts and consider signing up for Mrs. Jordan’s Summer Essay Camp.
  • If Letters of Recommendation are requested by the schools you are applying to please consider 2-3 teachers or coaches you would like to write a recommendation on your behalf.
  • Complete a FAFSA predictor to gauge what financial aid you may qualify for.

Please email or see the Counselors with any questions!