College and Career

College Counseling:

Freshman will meet in small groups with their counselors to develop four-year plans and help navigate the transition into high school. Sophomores will meet one-on-one with their counselor to review their four-year plan and to start the college planning process.  Junior year, students and parents are invited to meet with their counselor to have a more in depth conversation about the college application process and help advise families with the many questions that come with this exciting time.


Other college counseling resources include:

  • Admissions counselors from various colleges visit our school throughout the year to meet with interested juniors and seniors. Students will sign up for these sessions via Naviance.
  • College Information night will be held on September 20, 2017.  All Parents and students are invited to attend.  Breakout sessions of various topics related to college planning will be covered.
  • The college counseling library includes guidebooks, catalogs, test prep resources and scholarship information to help students prepare for college.


St. James Academy is pleased to partner with Naviance Family Connections, a comprehensive online college counseling portal. Students and parents use Naviance to research colleges and careers, apply to college, and request all transcripts and recommendations for   college applications.


Naviance also allows students to:

  • Get involved in the planning and advising process – Build a resume, complete online surveys, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers.
  • Research colleges – Compare GPAs, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from our school for students who have applied and been admitted to in the past.
  • Research careers – Research hundreds of careers and career clusters, and take career assessments.
  • Create plans for the future – Create goals and to-dos, and complete tasks assigned by the school to better prepare your student for college and career goals.


Naviance allows us to share information with parents and students about upcoming meetings and events, local scholarship opportunities, and other resources for college and career information.


To get started, please log into Naviance

Log into student’s Naviance account using the student’s SJA email address. The password is the word “password” and the student’s 3-digit Powerschool password (example “password345”).