Enrollment is Now Open

The 2019-2020 School Year is Right Around the Corner!  Enrollment Opens TODAY!

Counselors provided enrollment information to returning students by grade-level yesterday, February 6th during Thunder Block.  Students received a packet of information that can be used when enrolling online.  The packet included a credit check, new class offerings, and important updates and changes.  

Parent enrollment information packets were mailed home for the returning students for the 2019-20 school year earlier this month.

The enrollment window is February 5 to February 14, 2019.  As in past years, the enrollment is three step process: parents must complete the demographic component and pay the $250 registration fee first before course offerings are opened up.   Once the demographic section is submitted you will receive an email informing you to the course selection phase. The registration fee can be paid via credit card, cash or check.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.  Again, enrollment window is February 5 to February 14, 2019.   All submissions must be completed no later than February 14th.