Advanced Placement


The Advanced Placement standardized examinations are given each May according to a national testing schedule. All students enrolled in a SJA Advanced Placement class take the corresponding AP Exam.  All AP students are also required to attend a pre-administration session prior to test day.

Each AP examination taken is given a score of 1-5 on a five-point scale. Individual colleges decide which AP examination scores it will accept. Some colleges accept scores of 3 or better and give the student credit as if that person had taken one or more basic courses in the subject tested. At some colleges, credit is not given, but the necessity of taking basic courses is waived. Use the link below to look up individual college AP credit policies:

Look up colleges and universities that offer credit or placement for AP test scores

Students should also check with individual colleges to determine what AP credit options are best for them. College bound students should consider taking one or more AP courses. Research shows students completing one or more AP courses, regardless of their grades, do better in college than those never taking AP courses.

View AP Testing Schedule

Students should arrive at their testing location at 7:30 am for 8:00 am tests, and at 11:30 am for 12:00 pm tests. All AP students are also required to attend a pre-administration session to be held during Thunder Block prior to test day. Additional details on testing locations and the AP pre-administration session dates will be communicated via AP teachers.