Placement Exam

Incoming 2018 freshmen who did not take a placement exam can be enrolled using their 7th and 8th grade report cards to compose freshman course recommendations. Notify the Admissions Office of your interest, and send the documents to

Placement Test Awards

Students who take the St. James placement test qualify for the Archbishop’s, President’s and Principal’s Awards ranging from $250 to $1,500.

The Archbishop’s Award goes to the top 1% of scorers in the St. James group. $1,500 is applied to the freshman year tuition and it’s renewable each year thereafter for $500 per year so long as the student remains in good standing.

The students scoring in the top 2% receive the President’s Award, $500 the first year and renewable each year thereafter for $200.

Freshmen who score in the top 3% receive $250 toward tuition, for the Principal’s Award.



Placement Exam Q & A

Which test will my student take?
Incoming 9th graders take the High School Placement Test (HSPT) in December 2017 for fall, 2018 enrollment.


How should they prepare for the test?
The most important aspect of standardized testing is to get a good night’s sleep, eat breakfast and to make sure that students listen to the instructions carefully.  While there are practice materials available for purchase, we recommend that students try their best and don’t get overwhelmed with this test.


How will the results be used?
This test is not an “admissions test” as a sole indicator of acceptance to St. James Academy.  We use the scores to make recommendations for freshman course selections as well as to recognize exemplary performance with scholarships.


What if my student does poorly but is a good student?
This sometimes happens because a student is nervous or just doesn’t perform well on standardized tests. Parents have the ability for incoming 9th graders to provide additional information from 8th-grade teachers in order to enroll in advanced courses if the test results don’t indicate ability.


What if my son/daughter takes the test somewhere else?  Do they still need to take the test at St. James Academy?
It is preferred that students test at the school where they’re most likely to enroll. It is unnecessary to test at multiple high schools because we all use the same exam. Students who completed the Enrollment Application are already registered to test at St. James, as a condition of their enrollment. Test results are reciprocal amongst the Catholic high schools of our Archdiocese, so if you test at another high school and decide to enroll at St. James (based on availability), just ask the testing school to forward those results to us.  In addition, we can provide results to other schools for students who test with us.


What about the scholarships?
Recipients of Placement Test Awards and Scholarship winners will be notified the end of December. Award winners will be invited to celebrate at a gathering March 7. Students must test at St. James Academy on the first day the test is offered, in order to qualify for the test awards.


I have more questions.  Who do I call?
You should feel free to contact the Admissions Office and we’ll get you in touch with the administrator or counselor who can best address your questions.