Science Olympiad

The St. James Science Olympiad team, led by Coach Evan Bradfield and Coach Brian Boutte, dedicates itself to students who want to pursue science beyond the confines of a classroom in a competitive setting.  Think of Science Olympiad as comparable to a normal sports team like track, swimming, or soccer.  As a team, we divide as individuals or in pairs to specialize in specific “events” or subjects that have varying topics from guessing how many golf balls will fit in an olympic swimming pool to building a helicopter.  After many labs or “practices”, we take our knowledge, equipment, and devices to tournaments where the team is put to the test.  Tournaments are all day competitions where schools from mainly Kansas and Missouri come together to see who is the best at particular events and the overall competition.  It would be like a track meet, swim meet, or game for other sports except, instead of testing physical and technical ability, they test the ability of the mind.

Now, Science Olympiad is open to everyone.  Involvement in other clubs or sports is encouraged, but you do have to have certain flexibility to make labs and meets (especially regionals and state).  Finally, you do not have to be Einstein to join.  You just have to have a positive attitude, good work ethic, and the desire to win.  

If you would like to join, please contact Mr. Bradfield at or visit him in room 1130 in the English Department.