Lord, In the struggle that goes on through life we ask for a field that is fair and chance that is equal.  In all of the strife we ask for the courage to strive and to dare, and if we should win, let it be by the code with our faith and our honor held high, glorifying you in all that we do.

2016 Team Awards

Back of the Year:  Jacob Letourneau
Forward of the Year:  Nick Kalny
Rookie back of the year: Conor Kubicki
Rookie Forward of the year:  Max Kalny
Iron man: Jake Hoover
Sportsmanship: Jack ‘Chet’ Ellzey

2016 Roster

Conor Kubicki               Jack Ellzey
Tom Kropf                     Dylan Cline
Jacob Letourneau        Levi Finan
Nick Kalny                      Sean Toplikar
Max Kalny                      Jake Hoover
Logan Sharpnack          Adam Kopitke
Hank Schnake               Peter King

Coach: Rob Loney
Assistant Coach: Parker Staats



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