Card Club

About the Card Club

The card club exists to pass on traditional card games to the next generation. The club is rooted in community, and seeks to develop students’ knowledge of card games, as well as give club members an opportunity to relax and socialize while taking part in fun card games with their peers. Our club meets twice a month and is open to card players of all skills. Our goal is to feature a new card game each week, by which all card players can learn a new game that will challenge them, and invite them to do something new. For the rules of the card

For the rules of the card games, we will be playing, check out this link.

When We Meet

Join us on the first and third Thursdays of each month during blue time, and remember: BYOD (Bring Your Own Deck.) Our first meeting is on September 21st.

Listen up for announcements in the future for reminders about our meetings, future tournaments, and other announcements regarding the club.