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Turning your ear to wisdom,

     inclining your heart to understanding – Proverbs 2:2


what is thunderblock?

In pursuit of our mission of passing on the Catholic faith, we constantly examine best practices that allow students to lead balanced lives with time for prayer, family, academics, socialization, and other interests. After receiving feedback from students, parents, and teachers, it was determined that the greatest need of our student body was flexible time during the school day for students to meet their individual needs, in particular those needs related to academic learning interventions. Thunder Block will provide this time. It will also help students get an experience of a less structured environment similar to what they will experience in college and the workplace to help them learn the power their choice has in structuring their lives.

thunderblock schedule

See our Main Schedules in our Reopening Plan for information about Thunderblock this year.

student options

  • Chapel open for prayer (with Adoration and confession available on Tuesdays).
  • Student discipleship groups and/or Bible studies led by students and/or teachers in classrooms.
  • Teachers available for two sections of TB for meeting with students, running study sessions, supervising makeup work/tests, etc. in classrooms.
  • Collaboration Center in the gym for students to work together or socialize.
  • Silent study area in the Media Center.
  • “Success Centers” in alcoves (NHS tutors available to meet with students).
  • Lunch in the Dining Hall, Performance Wing hallway, or classrooms when allowed.
  • Freshmen will be in a silent study hall for the first thirty minutes (Silver Time) each TB.
  • Sophomores can be opted into a thirty-minute study hall during Silver Time by their parent/guardian.
  • All other Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will be expected to meet with any teacher in whose class they have a 75% or below at least once a week until it is over 75%.
  • Failure to do so results in a loss of Thunder Block for two weeks (Thunderstruck).

Teacher Availability

  • Teachers will have a scheduled lunch break during one of the three TB time slots.
  • They can dedicate two other time slots a month towards…
    • Meeting with clubs they sponsor.
    • Meeting with students for discipleship groups or Bible studies.
  • On C-Days, teachers will be in PLCs and not available for students.
  • Otherwise, teachers will be available to meet with students.
  • Teacher’s TB schedules of availability will be posted outside of their rooms.


Supervision will be much more limited during TB than during other times during the school day. 

  • Respect of the trust given to students during this time is critical to the success of the program. Supervision will be assigned as below:
  • Administrative supervision in the hallways and Dining Hall.
  • School Resource Officer monitoring the parking lots and outside.
  • All exits are monitored via camera by a staff member.
  • Departments rotate supervision of freshmen study halls.
  • Gym supervised by P.E. Department teachers.
  • Media Center supervised by Counseling and Technology staffs.


rules and limitations

  • Expectations for TB will be set and reviewed the first two weeks each semester.
  • Students who break school rules during TB can be “Thunderstruck.”
    • Thunderstruck is a silent study hall supervised by administration. Students will have ten minutes to get a lunch and get to Thunderstruck and then will be silently working for the remainder of the TB time.
  • Locker rooms will be locked and off limits.
  • Cell phone use is not allowed except at lockers during passing periods.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the building unless checked out with office.

c days: health and wellness


On C-Days, teachers will be meeting in Professional Learning Communities during Thunder Block and so will not be available to meet with students. The same rules and restrictions will apply, and below are the student options during those times.

Spiritual Health: Open Chapel, Discipleship/Bible Study

Academic Health: Silent Study Hall in Medie Center, Collaboration Center in Dining Hall

Mental Health: Support groups run by counselors, time to decompress

*There will still be several Health & Wellness assemblies throughout the year during C-Day Thunder Block.


school calendar


student services

health & wellness