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The best preparation for standardized college admission tests is engaging in a rigorous curriculum on a daily basis. Classes throughout the SJA curriculum prepare students by either introducing them to relevant content or practicing skills necessary to be successful on the ACT or SAT. Each grade level is also given deliberate opportunities to prepare for these tests.

  • Students are introduced to ACT question types and test-taking strategies in English, Math, and Science classes throughout the year.
  • Students are given actual ACT test questions to practice and gain reasoning skills in all of their core courses.
  • Freshmen, Sophomores and most Juniors take a full-length practice ACT every October. Each student is given a detailed score report. Juniors may choose to take the PSAT, instead of a practice ACT, to compete in the National Merit Scholarship Program.
  • Sophomores are given the opportunity to take an optional PSAT practice test at SJA, with scoring and results provided.
  • Juniors may take College Explorations, a school day course that uses the Princeton Review ACT Prep curriculum to help students prepare for the ACT as well as gives them the opportunity to explore colleges and careers.

Students are encouraged to take the ACT several times throughout their Junior year as well as in early fall Senior year. Our prep program is designed to help our students feel confident and prepared to do their best as they check off this part of the college admission process.



See the list of some companies and individuals that offer test prep services in the Kansas City area. (For ACT, SAT, PSAT, AP, etc.) Please keep in mind that this list is provided for informational purposes only. St. James Academy does not specifically endorse these or any other private companies or tutors.

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