We are looking for donations of all kinds! Below are just our ideas but we would love to hear yours as well.

  • Airline miles & hotel points: to be added or used with trips
  • Basketball Tickets: to create a game experience
  • Royals Tickets to a Playoff game
  • Gift certificates, tools, household goods, man cave stuff, decorations, etc….

Questions? Contact Amber Hellwig.

Auction Donor Form: Even if you don’t have the item(s) in hand now, submit a form and tell us when to expect it. The earlier you let us know your intentions, the better we can promote your donation!


Take a chance at winning $5,000 Cash or one semester of free tuition at St. James; second place is $500 cash. One ticket = $10.00 or 6 tickets = $50.00. Purchase your raffle tickets on-line or tickets will be coming home with your student. Need not be present to win. Online Ticket Orders

The students will be participating in a raffle ticket competition. They need your help to succeed. Each student is challenged to sell two books of raffle tickets (12 chances, total) and each community has a chance to earn up to 3 Community points based on the number of tickets sold. Please help students reach their goal and become the winning community.


St. James collects money from each class to be used towards the purchase of a Class Gift to be placed in the LIVE auction to be auctioned off. Thank you so much to those families who have already sent in a donation towards the class gifts! Your generosity is truly appreciated. To make a donation please send it in an envelope to school with your student marked “Grade Class Gift” or donate online.


Mobile bidding for the Silent Auction will open up 24 hours in advance at 6:00 p.m.  Everyone will receive an email with instructions and a bidding number. 

Please come to the Auction with your cell phone and/or iPad fully charged or bring your charger. Charging stations will be available in case phone batteries get low.  Bidding stations will be available to offer assistance to those who don’t feel comfortable bidding on their mobile phone.  


When you register your mobile number at check-in:
  • You will receive a text message with a link within 60 seconds of being checked in.
  • Tap the link on your screen—it will open your browser and take you directly to the bidder interface.
  • To verify your name, tap the Yes button.
  • Search packages by number, keyword, or category and select your action (Details/Bid, etc.).
  • You can bid the next increment, set a max bid, or “Watch” packages.
  • If your max bid is the highest, the system will automatically bid in your favor until you are outbid or the silent auction closes.
  • If you are out-bid, you will receive an out-bid text message.
  • To get back to the main screen, select the  icon.
  • To go to list of bids and open items you are currently winning, tap the My Bids button.
  • To find out what packages have no bids, tap the No Bids Pkgs button.
Other options to get started:
  • Go to the URL
  • [Insert your organization’s bidding url] and use your bidder number to log in.
  • Follow the same steps as above. 
Mobile Bidding Technology provided by Greater Giving


Your financial support and participation with our Tuition Assistance will leave long-lasting impacts on students for years to come, and for parents who sacrifice so much for their child to be able to experience the Catholic environment and education at St. James Academy.


For Love’s Sake exists to extends the love of Christ to all students burdened by illness. This support comes through spiritual and financial gifts from our friends and community.