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Students who are currently enrolled in 2019-20 AP classes are required to take AP exams for that subject.  These exams have been ordered and have already been paid via your school fees.  These classes include: AP Language and Composition, AP Literature and Composition, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP United States History, and AP United States Government and Politics. For this transitional year, AP Latin students will choose whether to take exam or opt-out.

The order form, attached above, is for those students who wish to take an AP test but are not currently enrolled in that specific AP class.  AP tests can be taken regardless if you are actually in the class, but it is extremely helpful to have that class for preparation.

Please read carefully the following guidelines for exam registration.

  • Dates and times for exams are listed below.   These are national test dates and start times set by College Board and cannot be altered.
  • Each of these tests (noted below) will be administered by St. James Academy.
  • Any student that is enrolled in an AP class is required to take that exam.  St. James students enrolled in an AP class are already registered for the exam associated with that class and have already paid for the exam. No registration is required and no payment is necessary.
  • This registration form is for students who wish to take an exam in a subject in which they are not taking the corresponding AP class, but are enrolled in an advanced level class.
  • The AP test fee is $94. There are no discounts for multiple tests.


St. James Academy will be offering the following tests:

    • AP United States Gov’t and Politics| Monday, May 4 | 8:00am
    • AP Cal AB| Tuesday, May 5 | 8:00 am>
    • AP Literature and Composition| May 6| 8:00am
    • AP Chemistry|  May 7| 8:00am
    • AP Physics 1: Algebra-based| May 7| Noon
    • AP United States History | Friday, May 8 | 8:00am
    • AP Computer Science A| Friday, May 8 | Noon
    • AP Biology | Monday, May 11 | 8:00am
    • AP Spanish Language and Culture| May 12| 8:00am
    • AP Latin| May 12| Noon
    • AP English Language & Composition | Wednesday, May 13 | 8:00am
    • AP Computer Science Principles| Friday, My 15| 8:00am
    • AP Statistics| Friday, May 15| Noon

The registration deadline is Thursday, October 20, 2019.  Payment should be submitted with the order form and returned to Mrs. McNally.  Make checks payable to St. James Academy

Print and Fill Out this Form