Student Advancement Committee

One Day Give

On Thursday April 21st we launched the first ever 1-Day Student Give for the Call for Thunder! We received outstanding support from our students.  We had 310 students participate and they donated $8,935.24 towards the Call for Thunder.  Their sincere generosity made it possible to receive the full $5000 match from a generous donor.  Our students raised a total of $13,935.24.  Their support and enthusiasm for the Call for Thunder was simply amazing.

5th Annual Quarter Carney

The Call for Thunder 40 Day Challenge period ended Friday, April 29th with the 5th Annual Quarter Carney from 7-8:30am! The Quarter Carney is a way for all of the students and staff to get involved and celebrate the Annual Appeal. Just another reason why the community at St. James Academy such a great thing to be a part of!

Roundabout Run 5k

On November 5th, we hosted our 2nd ever Roundabout Run! It was the first event that was 100% led by our students. They brought in sponsors, entertainment, and over 200 participants! It was an amazing way to involve our surrounding communities and promote health & wellness.