Call For Thunder


The Call for Thunder is St. James Academy’s program for unrestricted annual giving. It is the vehicle by which alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends provide financial support to help keep St. James Academy strong.

A Letter From the President:

I spent a day on the campus of Benedictine College a few weeks ago with President Steve Minnis and his staff. It was a fruitful day of collaboration about best practices in Catholic Education. The most enjoyable part of the day was a reunion with fifteen of our alumni that are current students on the campus. They were a happy group of students that were excited to connect with myself and Mrs. Nearmyer. They talked about how well prepared they were academically and of the success they were having on campus which they attributed to their four years at St. James Academy. They credited the influence of teachers, the community system and fellow classmates at “the Academy” which helped form them into the young men and women they are on the campus of BC. The most fulfilling part of the conversation revolved around how they continue to practice their faith through weekly and daily Mass, Reconciliation and just being members of a community that inspires spiritual growth. We were blown away by their love for the faith and for Jesus Christ.

After four years at St. James Academy, I believe those BC students, and our other 1,250 graduates around the country, are living proof of the mission set forth by our original team. We’re forming disciples for Jesus living in community with others that have the same goal: heaven. The St. James experience provides confidence in knowledge of the Catholic faith and the willingness to share it with others. These young men and women are extremely successful students and leaders on their campuses and in their professional lives, growing the population of our Church one friend at a time.

Enclosed [in the envelope that was sent out]  you will find information regarding the Call for Thunder, the annual fund for St. James Academy. Will you help us continue to educate our students to the very best of our abilities? The Call for Thunder is a yearly initiative to raise unrestricted funds to complement income from tuition, subsidy and the auction. As the school increases in population, the need for funds to continue the ministry of God’s work through St. James Academy becomes more necessary.

Please prayerfully consider making a gift to bolster the 2016-17 operational budget. Since the inaugural Call for Thunder, we have focused on our community’s ability to participate; therefore, we choose to aim not for a dollar amount, but rather for the number of families sharing gifts, tangible and intangible. Last year we received 440 gifts from alumni, alumni parents, current parents, staff and community members. Our goal this year is to raise the total by 10%, or 484 gifts. No gift is too small and every participant has an impact on our success! Thank you for your commitment to St. James Academy and Catholic education. May God bless you and your families.

Thank you for your commitment to St. James Academy and Catholic education. May God bless you and your families.