Important CSP Dates for 2017-18

Summer Approval Forms Submitted: June 01-15, 2017 
Pre-Approval Forms Submitted:
 October 04/05, 2017
Hours Log Due: March 21/22, 2018
Senior CSP Presentations: March 29, 2018

General Requirements

  • Minimum of 30 service hours at one social service organization each year.
  • Unless otherwise approved, complete service with four different service organizations over the course of four years.
  • Complete the Approval Form which provides information on the organization you have chosen, along with your supervisor’s signature (parents are not approved to be their students’ supervisor).
  • Project approved through the Theology Department.
  • Create a well-documented four-year CSP Portfolio by means of approval forms, time logs, in-class reflections, and final papers culminating in a senior presentation. These will be kept in the Campus Ministry Office.
  • Give yearly CSP presentation.
  • CSP will be 10% of the second-semester theology grade. The approval form will be due the first semester as a homework grade. If the approval form is not turned in by the due date, a zero will be entered into the grade book. If the approval form is still not turned in within 30 days, the student will be sent home until an approval form is turned in.
  • Summer CSP:  Students may perform their CSP during the summer for the next school years’ credit.  If your choice of organization/service meets the requirements explained on the website, you do not need to turn your CSP Approval Form in for summer approval.  If you have questions as to whether your choice meets the requirements, you can turn your Approval Form in to Mrs. O’Neill in the front office by the end of the second week of June, for approval.
  • Seniors who choose to go on a mission trip for a 2nd year must take on more responsibilities either before, during, or after the mission trip.
  • If a change of agency is required, a separate Change of Agency Form must be acquired from their Theology teacher and turned in before Spring Break.
  • SJA Team camps do not count for CSP.

CSP Resources

See the “CSP Packet” for general and specific guidelines for each grade level. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Mrs. O’Neill at 913.254.4256 or email toneill@sjakeepingfaith.org.

CSP Packet

Possible Agencies