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Important CSP Dates for 2018-19

Summer Approval Dates: May 29 – August 03, 2018
Completed Hours Due Due: TBD
Senior CSP Presentations: TBD

General Requirements

  • Minimum of 30 service hours at one social service organization each year.
  • Unless otherwise approved, complete service with four different service organizations over the course of four years.
  • Enroll through X2Vol. For existing students, please see this video tutorial. Incoming Freshmen, please refer to this.
  • Project approved by the Theology Department.
  • Give yearly CSP presentation.
  • CSP will be 10% of the second-semester theology grade. Approval through X2VOL will be due the first semester as a homework grade. If the approval is not completed by the due date, a zero will be entered into the grade book. If the approval is still not turned in within 30 days, the student will be sent home until an approval is completed.
  • Summer CSP:  Students may perform their CSP during the summer for the next school years’ credit through X2VOL.
  • Seniors who choose to go on a mission trip for a 2nd year must take on more responsibilities either before, during, or after the mission trip.
  • If a change of agency is required, a separate X2VOL approval entry must be completed, before Spring Break.
  • SJA Team camps do not count for CSP.

CSP Resources

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Mrs. O’Neill at 913.254.4256 or email toneill@sjakeepingfaith.org.

Possible Agencies