Scholarships & FAFSA

Scholarship Listing

Check out the scholarships list on Naviance Family Connections! Information is listed for many scholarships, both local and national.  There are also listings for various scholarship search database websites where you can set up a personal profile and search for scholarship matches. Additional scholarship information will continue to be added as it is received.

To access Scholarships on Naviance Family Connections:

  • Sign into your account with your SJA email address and “password-last 3 digits of powerschool pw” ex: password123
  • Select the “Colleges” tab along the top of page
  • Scroll down to the “Scholarships & Money” section
  • Select “Scholarship List”

Financial Aid

The FAFSA Financial Aid application opens October 1, 2017 for students attending college next fall. This is three months earlier than in previous years. The first step in FAFSA application is creating an FSA ID.  Students planning to start their FAFSA application on October 1st should create a student and a parent FSA ID prior to October 1st.  It can take a few business days for FAFSA to process ID requests. Students should consult with individual colleges for their specific FAFSA timelines.


Additional information and resources to help with filing your FAFSA:

  • US Dept of Education webpage “7 Things You Need Before You Fill Out The FAFSA” has clear, detailed steps of what you need to start now for the FAFSA.
  • KASFAA, the Kansas Association of Financial Aid Administrators – Their website includes videos explaining various aspects of the FAFSA, and a list of events they have scheduled across the state to help Kansans complete the FAFSA.  KASFAA has also created a Facebook page dedicated to assisting with the FAFSA.
  • College Board – The College Board web page  “How to Complete the FAFSA”  includes explanations, definitions of terms, Frequently Asked Questions, a webinar, videos and other information on completing the FAFSA.