AP & Dual Enrollment



The Advanced Placement standardized examinations are given each May according to a national testing schedule. All students enrolled in a SJA Advanced Placement class takes the corresponding AP Exam.  All AP students are also required to attend a pre-administration session prior to test day.

In order to provide a positive testing environment for a large number of students participating in these exams, the AP Literature and Composition and AP Language and Composition exams will be administered at an alternative off-site location, Kansas Army National Guard, 18200 W 87th Street, Shawnee Mission, KS 66219.  The AP US History exam will take place at Embassy Suites, 10401 Ridgeview Road, Olathe, KS 66061. 

8:00 a.m. exams – Students will need to arrive at their testing location between7:30 and 7:45 a.m. with all necessary materials. Please allow extra drive time to the off-site locations. The exam end times will vary, so we ask that off-site exam students return to SJA no later than 1:00 p.m. This allows students time to eat lunch before returning to class.

12:00 p.m. exams – Students should arrive at their testing location between 11:30 and 11:45 a.m. with all necessary materials.
Any questions, please email ap@sjakeepingfaith.org


2017 AP Testing Schedule:

  • 5/1/17       AP Chemistry test – 8am at SJA
  • 5/2/17       AP Spanish Language and Culture test – 8am at SJA
  • 5/2/17       AP Physics 1 test – 12pm at SJA
  • 5/3/17       AP Literature and Composition test – 8am at Kansas Army Nat’l Guard
  • 5/4/17       AP United States Government test – 8am at SJA
  • 5/5/17       AP United States History test – 8am at Embassy Suites
  • 5/5/17       AP Computer Science Principles – 12pm at SJA
  • 5/8/17       AP Biology test – 8am at SJA
  • 5/10/17     AP Language and Composition test – 8am at Kansas Army Nat’l Guard
  • 5/17/17     AP French Language and Culture – 12pm at SJA
  • 5/18/17     AP Calculus AB test & AP Calculus BC test – 8am at SJA

Each AP examination taken is given a score of 1-5 on a five-point scale. Each college decides which AP examination scores it will accept. Some colleges accept scores of 3 or better and give the student credit as if that person had taken one or more basic courses in the subject tested. At some colleges, credit is not given, but the necessity of taking basic courses is waived. Use the link below to look up individual college AP credit policies:

Students should also check with individual colleges to determine what AP credit options are best for them. College bound students should consider taking one or more AP courses. Research shows students completing one or more AP courses, regardless of their grades, do better in college than those never taking AP courses.


The College Now program is a partnership program that provides high school students with an opportunity to earn college credits while completing their high school requirements in a through concurrent enrollment.

Click here for more information on enrolling in JCCC College Now.
Click here for a list of Colleges and Universities accepting JCCC College Now credit.
Click here to request your JCCC transcript.

2016-17 JCCC College Now classes at St. James Academy:

AP Literature & Composition
Pre-AP Honors Pre-Calculus
AP Chemistry
H Spanish 4 – AP Spanish Language & Culture
H Spanish 5 – AP Spanish Language & Culture
AP American Government (offered 2nd semester only)

2016-17 JCCC College Now Deadlines:

  • Full year courses:
    • 9/16/16 – COMPASS Placement Test Deadline
    • 9/16/16 – Enrollment and Payment Deadline
    • 10/03/16 – Last day to withdraw from JCCC with 100% refund from JCCC
    • 10/10/16 – Last day to withdraw from JCCC without “W” on JCCC transcript
    • 03/01/17 – Last day to request pass/fail grade from JCCC or withdraw with a “W” on JCCC transcript
  • 2nd semester courses (AP American Government)
    • 2/10/17 – Enrollment and Payment Deadline
    • 2/13/17 – Last day to withdraw from JCCC with 100% refund from JCCC
    • 2/13/17 – Last day to withdraw from JCCC without “W” on JCCC transcript
    • 4/17/17 – Last day to request pass/fail grade from JCCC or withdraw with a “W” on JCCC transcript

Quick Step College Algebra

Quick Step is Johnson County Community College’s program that allows students to earn college credit for College Algebra by enrolling in and completing the coursework in the College Algebra JCCC Quick Step class at St. James Academy. More information

JCCC Quickstep College Algebra deadlines:

  • 09/30/16 – JCCC application and ACT test score priority deadline
  • 10/14/16 – Compass test, enrollment and payment deadline
  • 10/28/16 – Last day to withdraw from JCCC with a 100% refund
  • 11/18/16 – Last day to withdraw from JCCC without “W” on transcript
  • 3/1/17 – Last day to request pass/fail or withdraw with a W on transcript

Benedictine College – Dual Enrollment

Students may choose to register though Benedictine College for Dual Enrollment to get Benedictine College credit for these classes:

  • AP Physics
  • AP Language and Composition