Learning Support

Guided Studies Class

This course is designed to help students in their transition to high school at St. James Academy.  Course selection for each student is determined by the collective input from parents, students, the Guided Studies teacher and administration.  Students in this class will work on note taking, study skills, and executive functioning skills.  In addition, the students will work with teachers one-on-one for guidance in homework/assignments.

Life Skills Class

Life Skills is a support class for students with special considerations to focus on developing simple skills such as communicating with peers and adults, following a set of directions, presenting a business proposal, and developing a product to give back to the faculty of St. James. Peer mentors work as role models for students in this class as they learn and practice skills and activities needed in daily life.

Peer Mentoring Program

Peer mentors are assigned to a classroom working with specific students or in Guided Studies working with students in several areas of academics.  The main function of the peer mentor is to support students in their academic endeavors.  Peer mentors will meet with the Guided Studies teacher on a regular basis to discuss progress or concerns.

Minor Adjustment Plans

Students who require slight adjustments to their daily instruction on a consistent basis may be placed on a minor adjustment plan.  These plans help provide students with minor strategies that help them be successful with curriculum in the classroom.

Catholic School Student Support Plans

(In compliance with Section 504 for Private Schools) Students are moved from 504 plans to these CSSSP in compliance with section 504 for private schools.  These plans are based on a documented disability and are developed based on data.  A team meets at least on an annual basis to review these plans, update current successful strategies and adjustments that help students be successful in the classroom.

Student Support Case Manager and Transition Coordinator

Serves as our liaison between public schools and St. James Academy for students with IEPs, helps aid students with special considerations transition from grade school/middle school to high school, and with the help of the teacher aides she manages, teaches the Guided Studies Class.  This person also collaborates with teachers several times throughout a semester on adjusting and modifying curriculum for students on IEPs.

Success Center

Success Center is a student lead tutoring program for any student in grades 9-12 in core subjects during academic time. National Honor Society members act as the peer tutors and two student facilitators arrange the day to day logistics. Teachers give students passes to attend when they see students can benefit from peer assistance with an assignment or test. Students can also request passes to visit the Success Center as well. Students will check in and out with the supervisor of the Success Center.

Study Hall & Opportunity to Learn Days

Each week, the St. James Academy Response Team (a team of counselors & administrators) run a grade report and any students who have a grade below passing (67% or below) are flagged.  Students in Athletics and Activities are required to attend a daily study hall either before or after school.  Students not in athletics or activities, may be required to attend study hall at the request of their teacher(s), counselor, parent(s) or by the administration.  Throughout each semester, we hold Opportunity to Learn study halls that a teacher or a group of teachers proctor allowing for a structured environment for students to complete missing work, complete any activities or assignments that teachers provide in order for students to raise current grades on tests/assignments or to study and complete assignments with upcoming due dates.  From our experience, these study halls have proved beneficial in helping students raise their grade to a passing percentage with the goal of maintaining that grade to avoid earning a failing grade and loss of credit at the end of the semester.