Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad Going to State

The Thunder Science Olympiad competed Saturday at the Regional Finals, bringing home the 3rd place overall trophy! Individually, students medalled in 15 out of 23 possible events. 8 of those were top 3 finishes, including gold medals for Iz Macy and Ally Boutte in Air Trajectory and Grace Vannoy and Maya Marten in Bridge Building!

The Thunder Science Olympiad will compete at the State Tournament in April.

Congratulations to all on the team!

Here’s a comprehensive list of those who medalled:

Air Trajectory: 1st place, Iz Macy and Ally Boutte

Anatomy and Physiology: 2nd place, Keith and Kelly Kleekamp

Bridge Building: 1st place, Maya Marten and Grace Vannoy

Cell Biology: 3rd place, Anthony Pham and Kelly Kleekamp

Chemistry Lab: 5th place, Anthony Pham and Alex Hammeke

Disease Detective: 5th place, Anthony Pham and Kelly Kleekamp

Electric Vehicle: 3rd place, Mick Steinlage and Tim Brune

Green Generation: 2nd place, Keith Kleekamp and Anthony Pham

Geologic Mapping: 6th place, Joe Baragree

Invasive Species: 4th place, Iz Macy and Ally Boutte

It’s About Time: 2nd place, Keith Kleekamp and Alex Hammeke

Protein Modeling: 2nd place, Carson Davis, Joe Baragree, and Mick Steinlage (Anthony Pham)

Robot Arm: 4th place, Luke Smock

Wind Power: 5th place, Grace Vannoy and Keith Kleekamp

Wright Stuff: 6th place, Luke Smock and Mick Steinlage


Congrats Science Olympiad on 4th place at Warrensburg Inv. The team earned ribbons or medals in 17 out of 23 possible events, including 1st place in Electronic Vehicle and several important victories earned by freshmen.


Moving into Christmas break, Thunder Science Olympiad has slowed down a bit. However, we will hit it hard at the start of next semester, as we prepare for several tournaments in January and February!

Balsa wood sawdust litters the floor and the buzz of the miniature table saw is drowned out by the screech of the big miter saw in the storage closet. Glue sticks our fingers together, to the tables, to someone’s small wooden bridge. Students laugh. Students study intently, preparing for the moment when their knowledge and skills will be put to the test. Soon, our theories and ideas will be put into practice.

We are excited for our first tournaments, coming up back-to-back on November 14th and 21st.

Interested in joining the team?

We meet during Academic Time and on Monday-Thursday events from 3:30-5:30 p.m. in room 1130.

If you would like to join, please contact Mr. Bradfield at or visit him in room 1130 during AT or before school in the English Department.