Science National Honor Society

We are very pleased to offer the graduating class of 2017 to opportunity to join the St. James Academy charter of the Science National Honor Society.  Admission into this honor society is open to all seniors who meet the following requirements. 

  • Must have taken (or qualify for) at least one Pre-AP/Honors science class during their freshmen or sophomore years.
    • To have “qualified for an Honors class your freshmen year you must have scored at least a 90% first semester of Biology. If you got a 90% or better in Biology first semester you would have “qualified” for Honors Chemistry, weather you chose to take Honors Chemistry or not.
  • Must be enrolled in at least one Honors or AP science class, during their junior or senior years.
  • A member must maintain a 90% weighted cumulative GPA overall and a 92% un-weighted science GPA. (As shown on PowerSchool*.)
  • Students must complete four years of science classes.

*Powerschool GPA

  • Everything you will need can be found on PowerSchool.
  • Overall science GPA:  go to your grade history to find your scores for all of the science semesters you have completed.  Add up your grades and divide by the number of semesters completed.  These scores are the unweighted scores.
  • Overall GPA:  can be found at the bottom of your current grade list.  GPA is your overall weighted GPA.

If you meet all of these requirements, you are invited to apply for membership in SNHS.  Complete the attached application and return it to Mrs. Heinerikson by February 1, 2017.

After being accepted into the SNHS, you will receive an invitation to a Welcome Ceremony where the science department will “honor” you for your years of hard work.  You will receive a certificate of accomplishment and cords at graduation.  We will not have service hours, required meetings, or projects for this year.  If you want a leadership position, we will design a leadership position for you.

This honor society is intended to be an opportunity for the school to honor you for your hard work in the science department.

I look forward to welcoming you to this years Science National Honor Society at St. James Academy.