Summer Credit Classes

Below are the four courses that will be offered during this summer. Each application must be turned in no later than May 24, 2018. These courses have a $150 fee to be payable to St. James Academy. The technology courses will be online work at your own pace with milestone due dates. The Physical and Health Education course and the Intro to Drawing course will be offered at SJA during the summer dates with specific times noted. Please see registration forms for more details.


Those students who enroll in Summer PE 1 who are also working out for their
athletic teams will coordinate with Coach Radke to have their attendance at team workouts count towards attendance for the PE physical activity for that day.

They will still be responsible for all the clock hours and physical activity & health curriculum as any other student enrolled in Summer PHE 1.

Students who plan on taking PE 1 and doing team workouts need only pay for
the PE class, not both the PE class and the summer workouts

Summer Classes