Careers & Job Openings

For Additional Academic/Staff Positions Currently Available please refer to and click Employment on the left.  You will be able to complete the online application as well as see what openings there are in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.



The Mission of St. James Academy is to pass on the Catholic faith from this generation to the next, while holding the highest standards of educating students. The full infusion of the Catholic faith in every lesson, interaction and relationship is central to fulfilling this mission.

What are We Looking for in New Teachers and Staff?

  • Practicing Catholics who are committed to lighting the fire of our faith in the minds and hearts of young people.
  • Licensed teachers who are experts in their field and passionate about sharing that knowledge with students.
  • Engaging educators who know how to stimulate young minds through active learning.
  • Organized adults who can inject the love of their faith into their lesson plans.
  • Enthusiastic leaders who are willing to continue their own learning and apply that new knowledge.
  • Responsible problem solvers who are able to utilize technology and data to make creative decisions in their daily activities.


Application Process:


  1. Complete the online application with the Archdiocesan Education Office at only if you are applying for a teaching position and don’t currently work in our Archdiocese.  This includes coaches who will be teaching in the building.
  2.  Candidates will be contacted for an interview only after all steps of the diocese process have been completed.
  3.  In compliance with Archdiocesan policy, candidates who currently teach in an Archdiocesan school must notify their current principal of their intent to interview before an interview can take place.